Summer research and upcoming conference presentations

Excited to dig back in to research this summer, with visits to archives in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, DC. I’m also delighted and honored to be receiving research funding from the Africana Research Center at Penn State! I should complete my dissertation proposal this summer and begin writing this fall.

In just a couple of weeks I’ll be sharing a paper on feminist theoretical approaches to nationalism at the Penn State Women’s Studies Graduate Organization conference, Sat, Feb 16, at Penn State. Excited to be on a panel with two folks from my history dept cohort, Kathryn Falvo and Aisling McEntyre!

I’m also looking forward to the Critical Ethnic Studies Association‘s biannual meeting and conference in Chicago this September, where I’ll present work on Black and white women’s patriotism around the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. I had a great time at the last meeting at UC Riverside in 2011; there’s some really inspirational scholarship and activism going on these days.

Super busy with comprehensive exams and my (last!) coursework this semester, but excited to be gaining momentum on my projects, as well!